Hoverdia is a privately registered company (Registration Number IP0255976-K) in Malaysia and having its principal activities of creating, promoting and supplying the First-Of- Its-kind Two-In-One logic-number puzzles inclusive of Hoverdia Eighteen, Hoverdia PlusSign, Hoverdia HashSign and Hoverdia Juvenile.

Hoverdia Super-12, Hoverdia Super-14, Hoverdia Super-15, Hoverdia Super-18 and Hoverdia Super-22 which are newly created First-of-its-kind Two-in-one Logic-number puzzle books would be officially made available for ordering from your usual online bookstores.

Look out for the tutorial for these newly created puzzles.

These styles of puzzles are very easy and fun as there are full of alternatives in decoding it, and moreover it is not a rigid puzzle game which would be aborted halfway through usually.

"There's always an opportunity, if there is an alternative"  Order Now!

Besides the existing 9 puzzles in the family of Hoverdia, at least another THIRTY FIVE Never-seen-before First-of-its-kind Two-in-one Logic-number puzzles would be announced for the puzzle enthusiasts at large.

Hoverdia's puzzle books would be translated and made available for Chinese and Indonesian/Malaysian editions.

Hoverdia Eighteen is not a particular kind of puzzle. It is typically similar to Brain Games but somewhat more challenging for Brain training.

Hoverdia Eighteen number puzzle is constructed with an aid of the computer through a unique algorithm code, which is called P4, to ensure that non-identical puzzle is being generated for enthusiast's fun and happy puzzle decoding.

Hoverdia is  a content provider of its innovative number puzzles for all the publishers of Newspapers, Magazines, Puzzle Books, Consumer periodicals, Corporate newsletters, Board game, PC games, Online games, Mobile phone games and handheld devices for worldwide availability.

Hoverdia is the registered owner for the domain name: Hoverdia.com.

The pronunciation of Hoverdia should sound like "Whole-World-Dear".

Hoverdia is also in collaboration with Conceptis Japan Co. Ltd as a regional representative better known as Conceptis Malaysia to conduct its business activities with the same style for all its various creative puzzles.                         

Conceptis Japan Co. Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Conceptis Ltd. which is also one of the co-sponsors for The 16th World Puzzle Championship, October 2007 in Brazil.

Conceptis Ltd. is a leading supplier of Sudoku and many more logic puzzle families to printed, electronic and other gaming media all over the world inclusive of Conceptis' Kids, Pic-a-Pix, Sudoku, Kakuro, Hashi, Battleship, Hitori, Sliterlink, Link-a-Pix, Maze-a-Pix, Fill-a-Pix, CalcuDoku, Sym-a Pix and a lot more is coming up.

Conceptis Ltd. has become the major motivating spirit, spreading awareness of logic puzzles for the benefit of puzzle fans throughout the world since the company was founded in 1997.

Conceptis Ltd. has been supplying their puzzles to more than 40 countries.

Conceptis logic puzzles are also featured in games for Nintendo DS, CD-ROMs for PC, Mutliplayer board games, even in daily box calenders. On average, ten million Conceptis puzzles are printed in newspapers, magazines and books each day, while millions more are played online and on mobile phones each month.


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